What we think and how we behave has a major impact on our lives, our relationships and our work. Coaching provides the space, time and structure to reflect on specific issues and on the underlying patterns that drive our responses.

We can be so busy getting on with life, that we don’t notice where we are. When the going gets tough, we put our heads down and push ahead, hoping that by carrying on, we’ll get to where we want to go. But what may be needed
is to stop, to reassess the situation, and to question the map.

A coach is a companion for part of the journey. A resource and a sounding board, someone to listen and question, challenge and encourage you to find your compass and clarify your position. You will be supported to connect with your values and mobilise your resources, to continue your voyage with clarity of purpose and renewed confidence.

We match clients to the right coach across a range of areas; business coaching is undertaken by those with appropriate expertise and coaches with a counselling
or psychotherapy background work with clients on personal concerns. We also have a specialist coach for clients heading for, or experiencing burnout. Coaching can be in person or on the phone or Skype.If we are not focused on fulfilling our own core needs, we will inadvertently be fulfilling other peoples. Coaching is a powerful conduit for hearing one's own