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Group Coaching for Women

Women can experience issues related to responsibility, stress and self-confidence very differently from men —often with little opportunity to reflect and process.

Realise coaching is a process of reviewing, revising and renewing our life journey. Aligning with our feminine attributes, it strengthens the fundamentals that underpin our capacity to be effective and fulfilled in work and life.

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Our busy and complex lives are too often about striving and surviving. Through an unfolding and emergent process, connect to your own values and needs, draw on your resources and recognise opportunites. In this supportive and nourishing setting, women are heard and seen.

While each group is unique, themes include;
Developing core confidence
   Feeling at home in yourself, so being more authentic
   and effective
• Using more of ourselves in our work

   Recognising and valuing your innate capacities
   and broader skills
• Maintaining balance
   Being better able to hold onto yourself, particularly
   under pressure
• Knowing what's important

   choosing to focus on what really matters

Working in an intimate group, issues can range across the spectrum of life; relationships, career development, health, parenting, work/life balance, finance, aging and creative expression. The topics emerge from the group itself, and women discover much about themselves from working together.

Meeting once a month, over five-months, the benefits of this dynamic women's coaching programme include:
New groups are start regularly in London and in Lewes, East Sussex. Contact 01273 478 952 for current information.

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