Running an organisation is demanding by any standards. It’s exhilarating and rewarding when the business goes well, and scary and threatening when it doesn’t.

Leaders often need to discuss their business challenges with someone who is not part of the team. Someone who can think freely, who can be a sounding board, someone to help sort out thoughts and ideas and bring to the surface what could be a way forward for the company and for themselves.

We work with business leaders to help identify and respond to the critical life stages of their enterprise. This can apply to a business, a department, or to a stand-alone project.

Why do the same issues arise again and again after we   thought we have solved them?

What needs to happen in order to maximise the potential of the individuals?

How can I design my business structure to deliver the desired results?

These, and other questions can be applied to different situations in business, and it requires changes in the way we look at issues, and how we tackle them. These processes are not quick fixes in isolation, but require a rigorous reality check and a readiness for thorough exploration, to lead to sustainable results.

Taking a Systems-based consulting approach, we build on the work of system thinkers including Peter Senge, Daniel Kim and Robert Fritz.

Symptoms that highlight conflicts in the underlying business structure are identified and processes applied to understand the context in which they arise. Eliminating, or working with the causes requires a redesign of the structures and their relationships to each other so that they are realigned with the purpose of the business.

We endeavour to bridge the analytical left-brain with the experiential right-brain, and find that our approach helps people link meaningful experience with practical analysis to create a holistic view, and lasting change.

This approach yields good results with project team building, corporate strategy development, diagnosis and scenario planning.

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