who we are

Enthum is a community of experienced professionals who develop and provide services for individuals and companies.

Our own backgrounds include business, education, health and creative industries, in several countries.

We have a combined knowledge and expertise from many years of both running successful businesses and supporting people in their organisations through major change.

We live the process we are advocating –to look at our business and at ourselves, and to embrace continuous learning.

hussein dickie

Hussein is a consultant, facilitator, and mentor for business leaders. Drawing on his extensive business experience, he has the skills to listen, question, challenge, and support leaders through the continual change process, in a way that is both systematic and creative.

Since 2002, Hussein has helped start, or develop a number of businesses in different industries; including retail, wholesale, commercial real estate and software development. With 25 years in his and other companies, he has learned that, in order to succeed, businesses —like all other endeavours— need a clear purpose and the structure to support that purpose.

He believes "it's seldom that people are wrong for their jobs, usually it’s that the systems are not appropriately designed in the first place, so that people’s efforts don’t achieve the desired results".

Hussein’s first enterprise was in computer products. Under his leadership, the company became a $100 million concern and had over 100 employees. The company was acquired by a German Fortune 500 company. Hussein remained group MD for 4 years, involved in mergers and acquisition activities enhancing the portfolio of the corporation, an area, in which his strong background in strategic finance became invaluable. Much of his exposure in the course of his corporate work was about design and redesign of company structures, which led him to the work of Peter Senge, Robert Fritz and other System-thinkers.

A director of Enthum, Hussein studied in Europe and Canada, and has an MBA, an MSc in financial economics and a MAS in corporate finance. As an economist he has focused on Banking and Finance and writes articles relating to these topics. He also loves music, and is an accomplished classical guitarist.

As a bi-lingual consultant, Hussein works with companies in English and German speaking environments.

lilliana gibbs

Lilliana is passionate about working with people to elicit their strengths, recognise their blocks and blind spots, build their influencing skills, and helping them to become more confident of their capacities to develop and change.

Her approach is to balance thinking and feeling, so people understand behaviour and relationship dynamics from a broad and authentic perspective. To compliment cognitive understanding, she uses experiential processes like story and constellation to access the right brain’s imagination, intuition and emotional intelligence.

Working with individuals and teams, Lilliana has a particular focus on women. Her group coaching programme is designed to strengthen the fundamentals that underpin the capacity for women to be confident, effective and fulfilled in life and work. She is also a facilitator with the Yes Quest, a programme that support young adults find or develop their life direction and career path.

Lilliana’s first profession was in film and television, and she has used video for communication and change, both as a tool, and as a process. She also gained valuable skills that serve her coaching practice; through writing and editing experience, she has the ability to pay close attention to nuance and detail, while maintaining the overall storyline.

She also recognises a film crew as a highly effective model for organisations and teamwork; Working from the same script, each member understands the vision and goal. They know their role and responsibility, and how it relates to other departments and individuals. Planning is exact and timing critical, yet the unexpected is inevitable, so flexibility and resourcefulness are vital.

Lilliana trained as a coach at Ashridge Business School, and has a post-graduate diploma in counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Born in the UK, she lived in Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia before returning to the UK in 2007. She has two young adult daughters, and she is an ardent photographer.

hermione elliott

Hermione is a wellness coach, and works with the big life questions - when people find themselves out of their comfort zone or without a compass – perhaps facing stress, burnout, illness, bereavement, death, redundancy or midlife crisis. She provides a positive, creative support structure, inspiring clients to find possibilities where they thought there were none or to discover resources they didn’t know they have.

She has a background in health, coaching, counselling, personal development training and spiritual mentorship. She has lived and worked internationally and pioneered the personal development programme, Life Choices, Life Changes through Imagework, whilst resident in Japan. She facilitates Imagework training courses in UK working with individuals and groups and is awed by the scope and power of our inner images and their potential to give us insight and inspiration. Her book Gan No Serufu Hiringu a self-help guide for people with cancer, was published in Japan in 1993 and 1997. She is the founder and Director of Burnout Solutions, and the not-for-profit network, Living Well, Dying Well. Hermione is a co-leader of Enthum’s Intuitive Leadership program, and she loves her work, considering it a privilege to coach people through the highs and lows of life.

marcus mackay

Marcus works with entrepreneurs, senior executives and their teams to improve performance by establishing goals and strategies, identifying and resolving key issues, and implementing organisational change.

With qualifications in social science, business-management and psychotherapy, Marcus has worked as an organisational and management consultant, and as a counsellor and group facilitator, for over thirty years. He has conducted assignments in a diverse range of industries, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Operating both in Australia and the Europe, Marcus facilitates workshops for established or beginning entrepreneurs, co-founded the YES Quest, a career development programme for young adults.
He is the co-author of a book on relationship skills, and with Lilliana Gibbs, produced videos on communication skills.

jane brendgen

Jane has been involved with organisational and personal development for ten years as a coach, trainer and facilitator. She supports clients to become increasingly intentional and proactive in uncovering and realising more of their natural, inherent abilities, both in their workplace and private lives. An increased awareness promotes a greater understanding of self, essential in the development of new thinking, and this plays a key role in uncovering barriers, reaching goals and sustaining change.

In addition to one to one coaching, Jane has developed and delivered a number of workshops including; Thinking Skills, Straight Talking, Managing Pressure, Enhancing Self Esteem, the Science of Sleep, the Art of Happiness, Anger Management and Mindfulness in the Workplace. Her clients include media organisations the Discovery Channel, News International and Channel 4. And she has also worked with MSN Microsoft, AOL and the NHS.

Jane has a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy and an Advanced Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Psychotherapy & Counselling. A practicioner of mindfulness for several years, she is currently studying towards an MA in Mindfulness-based approaches at the University of Wales.

harvey peters

Harvey has been a leading innovator of human development techniques for over 30 years. He designs innovative programs, facilitates team development sessions, and assists teams and business’s to create their strategies and visions for the future. He also supports and mentors individual leaders in their roles.

In 1976 he founded Minerva Training, primarily as an experiential training company, using projects, tasks and interaction to make learning enjoyable and lasting. Minerva’s interventions with companies have been at every level, with multi-national companies and NGO’s, including British Airways, Hewlett Packard, Citibank, Eversheds, Avery Dennison and Shell.

Harvey’s energy and engaging style builds trust, and he is particularly skilled at working with cross-cultural teams and with diverse groups. His training and development has always been experiential, using the outdoors, drama, film and art as tools —interactions to make learning lasting and enjoyable. This background led Harvey to develop the Minerva Resolution, a simple, but powerful decision making process for resolving issues, conflicts and concerns.

maya cockburn

Maya has twenty-five years experience as a movement artist and practitioner. She encourages people to become more embodied through the process of spontaneous movement and play – this increases awareness of ourselves in relation to others, and connects us to our innate creativity and self-expression.

Maya studied Movement Psychotherapy and Authentic Movement in the USA, and qualified as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist in the UK. She works with individuals and groups, and through JABADAO, trains early years practitioners the importance of spontaneous movement play for children. Maya has directed creative projects with children and adults, collaborated with other artists in performance work, and was founder and director of Nomads, a Dance Company comprising youth and adults with different abilities.

Through many years of working creatively in movement with diverse populations, Maya shares her passion for understanding the relationship between movement, unconscious dynamics, personal expression and communication. In her work Maya offers warmth and humour that enables people to effortlessly connect to our first language – movement.

adrienne thomas

Adrienne is a Dramatherapist with twenty five years’ experience in leading voice workshops and intensive one to one work. She works with clients to help them connect, release and develop their natural voice. Adrienne says that ‘To work on the voice is to work on the self’, and this work can release deeply held tensions and relax the voice, giving it depth and resonance. This process can release untapped energy, giving an increased sense of confidence and well-being.

Adrienne’s ability to ‘tune in’ to what the voice is expressing from the unconscious is what makes her work unique. A talented singer and writer, she regularly performs the Berlin Caberet songs of Bretch and Weill, and with the band, In Bob We Trust, which celebrates Bob Dyan’s music.